There hasn’t been a Christmas like this in a whole generation, with streets emptier than usual, people distanced from one another and hearts holding less cheer.

But the coronavirus doesn’t have to make Christmas any less meaningful! Christmas is a season best spent celebrating with loved ones, so why not invite them over to your home for a Christmas meal?

From food to meaningful conversations, we’ll walk you through the steps to having the perfect party this December!

Over the years, we’ve seen Felicia Chin acting in roles where she’s part of a broken family. But who knew a fractured family was what she faced in real life as well?

Felicia shared that it was God who led her to overcome her difficulties at home (through a bowl of soup!) and reconcile with her family.

Just as Felicia experienced restoration in her family, God wants to do the same for us as well! We’ve all made mistakes in life that have distanced us from God. But like any good parent, God is a Father who wants us to come home and be a part of His family again.

And He can use the simplest things to do that, whether it’s a bowl of soup or even this invite you’re reading now!

So won’t you come home for Christmas? Embark on a beautiful journey today. One that will bring you hope. One that starts with Jesus Christ.

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