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“God of gamblers” Li Nanxing lost all only to win the biggest prize

By Li Nanxing , 1 May 2020

My career as an actor began 35 years ago.

The first 10 years of my career was smooth-sailing, until I ventured into business. And overnight, I lost everything and got myself into debt.

At that moment, I was very desperate, looking for money. All I could think of was how to make a fast buck. I thought that gambling or buying 4D were the only ways out. So I banked on them but I lost even more.

I was very worried that my career would end because all the publicity was very bad. I got myself drunk just to forget my worries.


Once, I was in Thailand at a very rowdy place. It was a new, three-storey-high karaoke owned by one of my friends. I was invited there and had a couple of drinks when I received a phone call.

Looking for a quiet place to answer it, I went out to a walkway – there was a corridor, and an exit sign. I rushed towards it, opened the door, and just fell off.

Li was so desperate to get out of debt that he tried gambling and buying 4D but to no avail.

I don’t know what happened. But at that moment, something just grabbed hold of me and turned me around. That touch was comfortable, smooth and steady. 

A waiter heard me shouting, ran towards me, pulled me up and said: “Sir, what happened to you?”

I said: “I don’t know, I opened the door and I just fell out.”

He said: “How can it be? This door was locked. The key is with me, how did you open it?”

I said: “I don’t know! I opened the door and I just fell!”

Something just grabbed hold of me and turned me around.

I said that I dropped my phone; he shone a torchlight down. 

There was supposed to be a spiral staircase. But to make it convenient for the workers and waiters to clear the rubbish, they chopped off two steps of the spiral staircase.

At the time I had stepped out, it was filled with garbage. If I had fallen in, there were three things that could have happened to me: I could have gotten slashed, disfigured, or died.

But who grabbed hold of me? At that moment, I was scared.


After the waiter found my phone, I went back to the hotel. My phone rang again. I answered the call and was about to scold my friend because I almost got killed answering his call.

But the first thing my friend said was: “Are you okay? Did anything happen to you?”

Li found hope and is now enjoying the second chance that God has given him.

I said: “Why do you ask?”

He said that there were a few pastors who were praying for me. They felt that I was in trouble but the Lord would save me.

“You mean when I fell off, there was something called the ‘Lord’ that saved me?” I asked.

They started to pray for me because I was very, very down.

The next day, I returned to Singapore and accepted my friend’s invitation to attend his church. There were a few pastors and friends who wanted to pray for me.

The church was full of people. During the service, I thought: “Alamak … how am I going to face all these people?” 

But they minded their own business. From there, I started to meet all these new friends. They started to pray for me, and to encourage me, because I was very, very down.


Actually I was unwilling to talk about what happened because that is a part of my life I just don’t want to remember. But if I didn’t go through all this, how would I have known that God is so real? 

The devil came to kill, steal and destroy, but God restored my life, according to John 10:10 in the Bible.

If you believe in Him, everything is possible.

Hope is the invisible hand of God that lifted me up and showed me that the impossible can be made possible.

I used to be called the “god of gamblers”, the “unbeatable one”. Now, I’m facing the real God, the mighty God – He’s the real God.

If you believe in Him, everything is possible. He has restored my life, my career, and everything that I lost. So now, I am enjoying the enriching life that God has given to me.


This is an excerpt of an article that was first published on Salt&Light.

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